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Excited: XEROTECH secured $350,000 from Google for Startups

XEROTECH LTD Google for Startups Cloud Program Investment

XEROTECH LTD Google for Startups Cloud Program Investment: XEROTECH LTD is excited to share a monumental achievement in our journey of innovation and progress. We’ve proudly secured a $350,000 USD investment from the esteemed Google for Startups Cloud Program. This remarkable partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to redefine the possibilities of AI technology. Join us as we explore the profound implications of this game-changing investment.

Understanding Google for Startups Cloud Program:

The Google for Startups Cloud Program is a dynamic initiative designed to empower and elevate startups worldwide. This program offers invaluable support in the form of Google Cloud credits, technical training, access to startup experts, and curated resources. It also provides specific benefits tailored to AI and Web3 startups.

The Power of AI and Web3 Benefits:

This investment opens doors to exceptional advantages for XEROTECH LTD:

AI Benefits:

Up to $350,000 in credits, dedicated AI training, webinars, and access to AI experts.

Web3 Benefits:

Exclusive events, a gated Discord channel, input on Web3 roadmap, grants, and an array of benefits for Web3 startups.

Financial Empowerment:

XEROTECH LTD receives substantial Google Cloud credits, along with exclusive Google-wide offers and discounts. These financial resources are instrumental in accelerating our growth and research endeavors.

Business Support:

We’re now part of Google Cloud’s thriving startup community, connecting with experts, investors, and partners worldwide. This expansive network presents unparalleled growth opportunities for our venture.

Technical Guidance and Training:

Our team gains access to a wealth of technical guidance and training resources. This includes online training webinars, workshops, and personalized mentorship as we scale our operations.

Why XEROTECH LTD Chose Google for Startups:

At XEROTECH LTD, we’re not just chasing innovation; we’re pioneering it. With six filed UK patents in AI, IoT, and Blockchain, and our groundbreaking product, Xeroland, we are at the forefront of AI startups globally. This partnership with Google for Startups Cloud Program aligns seamlessly with our vision to reshape AI and IoT in the metaverse.

Looking Ahead:

The $350,000 USD investment from Google for Startups Cloud Program propels us toward rapid growth and groundbreaking discoveries. We are actively seeking strategic collaborations, partnerships, and investments to further advance our mission. This investment is not just an endorsement; it’s a recognition of our potential and unwavering determination.


Securing this investment from Google for Startups Cloud Program represents a quantum leap for XEROTECH LTD. It underscores our position as a pioneering force in the realm of AI technology. As we move forward, we extend an invitation to investors, collaborators, and visionaries to join us in shaping the future of technology.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to break new ground in AI and IoT innovation.

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